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Favorite Albums of the Decade: Cut Copy – In Ghost Colours

Cut Copy – In Ghost Colours (2008)
May/June of 2008, I had completely hit a wall professionally. I was at a point at my current job where I just couldn’t handle working on the account I was on anymore. My co-workers were great, but the pay was pitiful, my cubicle was small and routine was growing stale. It was safe to say I needed a change. Socially, my friends all seemed to be moving in separate geographic directions. My girlfriend was going south to North Carolina for a teaching job, other friends were heading to different parts of the Midwest and I was pretty much running in place. Summer was great with trips all over Michigan (especially Caseville), but I knew my time was running out at my current location and j-o-b. My search in Charlotte, NC was unsuccessful and Chicago, IL had more advertising opportunity, but also more applicants.

It was around this time that I did more research into Cut Copy. “Hearts On Fire” was on my daily workout playlist and its upbeat tempo and ’80s vibe made it a must for me to give In Ghost Colours a listen. My review at the end of ’08 said:

’80’s style sythesizers was a big part of 2008. No one utilized it better than Australia’s, Cut Copy. In Ghost Colours is a giant dancefest, filled with electropop (”Lights and Music”) and indie-rock (”Feel the Love”). I had a new favorite song,depending on the month, but “Hearts on Fire” and “Far Away” were pretty much on repeat all summer.

My analysis hasn’t changed much, but my favorite song has. “Strangers In The Wind” has a slower tempo than most of the jams on In Ghost Colours, but the reflective lyrics are only enhanced by the glowing production.
I started expanding my search and ended up in Atlanta. I had a couple interviews at other agencies, but I am immensely happy where I work. My team is amazing, I’m learning a ton on the account I interviewed for and I’ve met some great people as a result.

Strangers In The Wind – Cut Co…

Pick up Cut Copy – In Ghost Colours here.

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