Kid Cudi: “Wut”? A New Post?

Kid Cudi‘s blog has been all but a ghost-town since he announced the “scene-listing” for mysecond favorite album of 2009, Man On The Moon: The End of Day. Needless to say, I was shocked to see a new post from Cudder himself pop up on my RSS feed.

Sounds like he’s busy with acting in “How To Make It In America” on HBO, shows and working on the follow-up album. See for yourself below:

Sorry for the ridiculous amount of years between posts but we were havin some log in issues that were recently resolved haha. Jus wanna say wut up, long time no speak, blahzzay blahh and all that good shit. If you havnt checked it out yet, the first episode of HTMIIA is available on HBO On Demand aswell as iTunes along with behind the scenes interviews and other sneak peeks. Im mad happy to be apart of the show, its a dream come true to be acting and everyones showed me nothin but love and support. I cant wait to get back to filmin.

Lately ive been busy doing shows, hanging with family and friends aswell as recording the new album and focusing on my acting career. I really only make music for my fans to have suttin real to vibe to and I wanna say Thank You to everyone who has connected with me through song and understands my thoughts and story. U def help me stay focused. A lot of artist say stuff like that but on some real shit i mean it. Me and the rest of the G.O.O.D. music fam make Art. Money doesnt motivate us to create our music. You can tell in the lyrics, the production, and the quality of our records. I wasnt plannin on makin a new album so soon but I was inspired so why not?? U understand my records and I got a lot more to say. I promise I work hard to not let any one down. I know a lot of artist say that TOO but on some real shit I mean that also. Really, not fuckin around. I Love All. Goodbye

A hip-hop artist who actually appreciates his fans, pretty rare these days.

Alive (nightmare) – Kid Cudi

Until the new album, check out Kid Cudi on the festival circuit at Bonnaroo and Sasquatch! so far…

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio