Mixtape Nark

New Mixtape: Edge of Narkness

Back at it again. This is my interpretation of whats good in the land of hip-hop and rap since the last round. I was pretty psyched the first time I heard Lil’ Wayne and Eminem on “Drop the World” over Christmas break, but I didn’t have enough material for a new mix then. “Home Run” is possibly more lyrically deficient than “Money to Blow”, but its too damn catchy too ignore. Jay Electronica seems to be on quite a roll with “Exhibit C” (aka the new go to freestyle track) and his guest appearance one “Just Begun” (J. Cole shines as well). The Great Hangover Tour alumni represent well on “Highs and Lows” and “F*** The Money”, while Pill (“Thoughts”) and Freddie Gibbs (“Crushed Feelings”) continue to show they are the grittiest emcees in the game right now. And lets not forget the returns of Black Milk (“Keep Going”), Nappy Roots (“Ride”) and Rhymefest (“How High”). Wait, did People Under The Stairs just mention album number 7 on “Step Off”? Yep.

I was really hoping for “Follow Us” from Big Boi‘s never-dropping solo and “So High” from Kyle Lucas‘ next mixtape, Its Always Sunny In Marietta, but couldn’t wait any longer. Hopefully, they’ll be on the next round.

Edge of Narkness: (.rar file)
1. SMKA – Right Away ft Outasight, Kyle Lucas & Jay West
2. J. Cole – Unabomber
3. Alley Boy – Tall ft Young Dro
4. Lil’ Wayne – Drop The World ft Eminem
5. Jay Electronica – Exhibit C
6. Kid Cudi – Highs and Lows
7. Rhymefest – How High ft Little Brother
8. Gucci Mane – Solider ft Pharrell
9. Black Milk – Keep Going
10. Laws – Hold You Down
11. People Under The Stairs – Step Off
12. Freddie Gibbs – Crushin’ Feelin’s
13. Pill – Thoughts
14. Nappy Roots – Ride
15. B.o.B. aka Bobby Ray – F*** the Money ft Asher Roth
16. Juelz Santana – Homerun ft Lil’ Wayne
17. Reflection Eternal – Just Begun ft Jay Electronica and J. Cole
18. Snoop Dogg – That Tree ft Kid Cudi
19. Kevin Rudolf – I Made It ft Birdman, Jay Sean and Lil’ Wayne
20. Damian Marley and Nas – Strong Will Continue
21. Game – Better Days ft Static Major