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The Girls Can Hear Us: “Can’t Believe It” and “You Want It” Premiere

“you can diplo and you know how to switch”
You may have seen posts building to this, but I can now release the newest tracks from London, Ontario-based electro duo, The Girls Can Hear Us. Ed Huszar mans the boards, while Will Steeps handles the rhymes. I’ve mentioned TGCHU before, but I truly think they are going to make a lot of noise in 2010. And oh yeah, they just released an awesome new website at

You might recall one of T-Pain’s many hits from 2008, “Can’t Believe It”. It was a mid-tempo R&B joint filled with promises to a lady including a trip to “Wiscansin”. I wasn’t a huge fan back then, but TGCHU managed to make me a convert with their latest remix. Ed gave the beat much needed life with extra synth and drumkicks that made it dancefloor ready. Will compliments the track further into anthem-zone with clever, party friendly lyrics like “You’ve got the dish/you can Diplo and you know how to switch”.
06 Can’t Believe It (The Girls Can Hear Us Remix) by thegirlscanhearus

The Girls Can Hear Us happen to be adept at remixing, but their original tracks might be better. “You Want It You Want It” is even more club-centric as Ed starts with slow building bounce that soon picks up momentum driven to Will’s inviting hook. I’d even venture to say this hit would be a great soundtrack to your upcoming Final Four party. Will’s drunken exploits are pretty hilarious too.

Be sure to head over to my Hype Machine page and favorite (click the heart!) both The Girls Can Hear Us tracks. Its free, easy and a great way to let others know how dope this duo is. And if you’re wondering why all of Hype Machine is TGCHU-themed today… well, I told you they were awesome.
UPDATE: Hype Machine Direct Links below
T-Pain – Can’t Believe It (The Girls Can Hear Us remix)
The Girls Can Hear Us – You Want It, You Want It

The Girls Can Hear Us’ debut album doesn’t drop until this summer, but pick up the entire sampler album at their Soundcloud page.

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TGCHU on Soundcloud (plenty of music here!)

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