Showstopper ’10: Yeasayer – Masquerade – Atlanta, GA – 4/7/10

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So, no surprise here, Yeasayer is really good. They tore thru a sold out show in Heaven at The Masquerade.

Opening duo Javelin did their best to get the crowd ready, but their album is a better representation than their live performance. “Vibrationz” was well-received, but didn’t get much love except when they threw in lyrics from Madonna and “Frère Jacques”. Between sets, a mix of tracks like Bobby Brown’s “On Our Own” and Queen Latifah’s “U.N.I.T.Y.” prepped the crowd with pop/R&B influence that undertone’s much of Yeasayer’s music.

I knew Yeasayer’s new album, Odd Blood was more accessible than All Hour Cymbals, but I had no idea how danceable it actually was. Fans were moving pretty much constantly throughout the night. The 5-piece Brooklyn band came out to eerie, vocally distorted “The Children”, but quickly queued up “Rome” to many fans’ delights. The “trampoline effect” of the Heaven floor was prevalent on every upbeat song Yeasayer played (especially on “Mondegreen” and closer “Ambling Amp”).

I knew I loved “I Remember”, but who knew it was worth of fist-pumping? The crowd was scattered with arms raised along with lead singer Chris Keating erupting with the chorus and every “woah”. “Tightrope” off Dark Was The Night compilation is somewhat of a slow burner, but managed audience approval with added synth. One of the many highlights, to be certain. “Madder Red” has been my favorite off the old album for a few weeks now and the concert only furthered that sentiment.

All of the new material almost made me forget about All Hour Cymbals. The breakthrough album was well represented on “Wait For Summer” and the band’s “first song”, “2080”.

The encore was brief but was an apt way to end a great night. The experimental stylings of “Grizelda” carried over well into my favorite track, “Sunrise”. The Timbaland-esque Middle Eastern flair sounds even better in a live setting.

I implore you, if Yeasayer is rolling thru your neighborhood or at your next fest, you should definitely make them a must-see.
Purchase Yeasayer – Odd Blood here.
Purchase Javelin – No Mas here.

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