Thursday Linkage: Mates of State, Dr. Dre, Just Blaze, Kele and more

My hopes for this weekend (in no particular order): Cooler weather (90 degrees in April is a bit much), no appearances at the bar, crafting a Hangout Fest mixtape and for the pollen to chill out (my car is a yellow mess).
Here are some links for the weekend:
A) Mates of State (yes, they are awesome) are putting together a 10 track cover album due this Summer. Crushes (The Covers Mixtape) will feature Jason and Kori’s interpretations of Belle and Sebastian, Death Cab, Fleetwood Mac and more. I’m already loving their take on Girls’ “Laura”. Sign up for their e-mail list below or head to their site to stream. (.

Heart Attack Club – Juicy Free (Mates of State vs Notorious B.I.G.)
B) Dr. Dre’s Detox is still probably will be dropping in Neveruary 2020, but supposedly the 1st single is dropping tomorrow. The Good Doctor linked up with Jay-Z, Ester Dean and possibly Scott Storch. How about a sequel to “The Watcher”? I’d be fine with that.
C) Speaking of highly anticipated, but oft delayed hip-hop albums, Just Blaze gave a brief update on his work with Eminem for Relapse 2. Please be something like “Forever”. Please.
D) I’ve been a big fan of Bloc Party for awhile now, so I wasn’t too happy to heard the band would be on hiatus. Lucky for me, lead singer Kele Okereke is working on his solo debut for June release. The Boxer was produced by Spank Rock’s XXXChange and is leaning toward an electronic pop sound. Fine by me. The first single, “Tendoroni” drops in June.
E) 2 more great live musical performances on Jimmy Fallon. This time, its Drive-By Truckers and Broken Bells. Advertising question: Does the show still gets Live+7 ratings if I only watch the musical performances on DVR? You might remember me mentioning Cobe Obeah last month. In preparation for the release of his mixtape, Song Of The Starz, he remixed one of my favorite Phoenix tracks.
Cobe Obeah – Fences (remix) (via 2dopeboyz)