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The Cold Wave: Detroit Chill-“Wave”

I’ve been meaning to mention Detroit-based band The Cold Wave (formerly Allan James & the Cold Wave) for quite some time. At my one-time DJ night at Phonotropic, there was some down time between bands and A.J. aka Allan James stepped up to the mic and sang a few tunes. His efforts immediately blew me away and I later found out he was part of The Cold Wave.

Since then, The Cold Wave has made the rounds on the Detroit bar circuit and recently played Blowout Fest. Their latest EP, Wild Dogs, will be released this June on Gangplank Records. You can find their previous releases at The Cold Wave’s bandcamp store for cheap and easy downloads. Might I would suggest slow burner “A Terrible Day” off Allan Jame EP (preview or purchase it below).

<a href="">This Angle by The Cold Wave</a>

Be sure to check out The Cold Wave at the Majestic Cafe in Detroit on April 24th opening for Arranged Marriage with Solitary States. Doors open at 10pm and its FREE, so what excuse do you have not to go?

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio