The Hood Internet: DepRock (Young Money vs Javelin)

No surprise here, The Hood Internet has done it again. This time they take electro duo Javelin‘s slowed down, R&B thang “Dep” and layer the Young Money hit, “Bedrock” on top. The vibe is perfect for your next backyard bbq. Just make sure to get earmuffs for the young’n’s when Nicki Minaj gets on the mic.
That picture is awesome btw.
The Hood Internet – DepRock (Young Money x Javelin) by hoodinternet
I’ve mentioned these guys almost as much as Girl Talk here. So, what’s your favorite Hood Internet mash-up? List it in the comments.
I’m leaning towards “Doe Boys & Fresh Girls In America” (mp3) or “Wetter and Jeffer” (mp3).

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio