Speak/RAC – Carrie Remix

I’ve been a huge fan of Remix Artist Collective aka RAC for quite sometime. Imagine my surprise when Andre Allen Anjos of RAC contacted me about his latest work.

Anjos, Andrew Murray and Crookram make up this band of remixers who have supplied me (and probably you) with more party and workout music than you think. They’ve crafted reworkings of tracks by everyone from John Legend to Mates of State, that are more often than not, better than the originals (and usually more dancefloor ready). On this site alone, I’ve posted at least 7 of their top notch remixes (“Use Somebody” is still my favorite), not to mention the number of times they topped the Hype Machine charts.

Andre was good enough to pass on a remix for Austin, TX’s Speak. Speak is an indie pop-leaning four piece that just released their debut EP, Hear Here in Februrary. Synth heavy and catchy in their own right, the band was able to get RAC to bless the song “Carrie” with Andre’s touch. The RAC mix comes off even more dance-ready by toning down the synthesizers in favor of twinkling keys and guitar reminiscent of Daft Punk’s “Harder, Faster, Stronger”.
Speak – Carrie (RAC mix)

Preview and download (for free) RAC’s last mixtape, Vol. 1.5 here:

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By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio