Arranged Marriage: Family Business

Anytime you work with family, it can be a stressful venture. Thats just part of what makes Arranged Marriage so intriguing. Brad Allen (the elder) has been a musician since his teenage days in the ’60s, while Scott Allen (the younger) found fame as part of Detroit-based electro-crew Thunderbirds Are Now. Brad and Scott were able to come together as a duo for the project by building a home-studio and learning Pro-Tools.

Their efforts led to Arranged Marriage’s debut album, Dearly Beloved available today. Filled with well-composed tracks that are essentially a lesson in Americana, classic rock and folk. Its hard to find anything not to like. Current favorite is “Sit Alone”. The bouncy piano play is the perfect match for Scott’s shaky, engaging vocal work.

Arranged Marriage – Sit Alone

Arranged Marriage is having an official album release party on Satruday, April 24th at the Majestic Cafe. As previously mentioned, The Cold Wave will be opening and its a free show.

Pick up Arranged Marriage – Dearly Beloved here.

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio