DJ Car Stereo (Wars): Explains It All

I don’t always get music sent to my inbox that I’m inclined to post, but I’ve been pretty lucky lately. I’m even more fortunate when a big name like DJ Car Stereo (Wars) passes on new music. Chris Rose aka DJ Car Stereo (Wars) burst onto the scene with his mash-up filled album The Bandit in 2007 to great acclaim (I eventually warmed up to it too). He made fans wait 3 years, but his follow-up Explains It All is here and ready for the masses.

The two tracks I’ve heard so far are sample-crazy, more ’90s than ’80s inspired and ready for your summer party. For starters “Whoah Dude”, samples the theme from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Skee-Lo, Vampire Weekend, Young Jeezy and many more. “Bouncehouse” takes bites of C&C Music Factory, David Banner, Lady Gaga, and even pits Eazy-E’s “2 Hard Mutha’s” against the glorious backdrop of Passion Pit’s “Sleepyhead”. Trust me, you need to hear it.

DJ Car Stereo (Wars) – Whoah Dude
DJ Car Stereo (Wars) – Bouncehouse

I haven’t got thru the whole album yet, but lucky for you and me, DJ Car Stereo (Wars) is giving it away free.
Pick up DJ Car Stereo (Wars) – Explains It All here (or order a physical copy for $5.02) and let me know what you think.

It wouldn’t be any fun if I was the only one reviewing new music all the time, so leave your musings below?

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio