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Thursday Linkage: Broken Bells, Timbaland, The Hood Internet, Adam Bradway

A shortened week didn’t give me a lot of time for links, but here are a few to keep you busy before the weekend. Tallulah Gorge camping, here I come.
A) The new Broken Bells video has Christina Hendricks (aka Joan from Mad Men) as far away from a ’60s ad agency as possible: outer space. Definitely, an interesting video that I wasn’t expecting for my favorite song, “The Ghost Inside”.
B) Complex has been on fire with its greatest lists over the past few months (see 25 Greatest Memorial Songs and Rap-A-lot Songs). Here they list Timbaland’s Greatest Songs of All Time. Worthy of a read and includes song samples if you forgot how great he really was (and hopefully will be again). Enough of this Daughtry, New Kids On The Block trash Timbo….
C) Yeasayer is going on yet another tour. Atlantans beware, they’ll be stopping at The Masquerade (again, check the review) on October 2nd. I imagine they’ll sell out faster this time. Plan accordingly.
D) Thursdays might as well be best of The Hood Internet on this site. Seriously. My recent favorite takes that Trey Songz joint you’ve been singing tipsy on the weekends with The Radio Department’s track you should already have via my March mixtape.The Hood Internet – Trey-dio Departmentz (Trey Songz x The Radio Dept.) by hoodinternet
E) If you need something chill to bring you down after a raucous Memorial Day weekend, check my high school friend Adam Bradway‘s jam “Pathology”. More on his music coming soon.
Adam Bradway – Pathology

Lastly, I bet if you use your internetz skillz, you’ll be able to find the new Eminem leak somewherez (just type “Won’t Back Down” in Google). You’ll be a believer in DJ Khalil for sure, most likely agree Eminem is back and probably want to pre-order Recovery. Or just head to Nah Right or 2Dopeboyz