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Jungol: Atlanta Rock “People”

Its always exciting to stumble upon new bands, but finding a good local band is always more satisfying. As was the case when I heard about Jungol. The band is a 3-piece made of 2 brothers and a friend who’ve been part of the Atlanta/Athens, GA indie-circuit since their high school days.

Jungol released their second album, Over the Sun and Under the Radar in April and its full of experimental rock that has a pop edge. “Two People” sways with hard synth that cascades the addictive hook. “Fast Asleep” (youtube vid below) has almost militant drumwork and frantic guitar, but balances pop-sensibility with sweeping vocals.
You just need to hear it, because the experimental nature is tough to describe. In a good way.
Jungol – Two People (FREE MP3!)
Props to Shot From Guns.
Buy Jungol – Over The Sun here.
Jungol on Myspace

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio