Mike Drag: Muli-Talented Man

How is it possible that I keeping find great music from Michigan, now that I no longer live there? Another example, singer/multi-instrumentalist Mike Dragovic aka Mike Drag now in NYC, but originally from the southeast part of the Mitten. According to his bio, he grew up on the piano, but taught himself banjo, harmonica, accordion and didgeridoo (yea, I had to look it up too). Kinda puts my hobby of collecting basketball cards to shame.

Mike’s accomplished musical learnings are definitely present in his music from an early (I would assume self-produced) self-titled EP (Get It FREE Below). “Yours and Mine” see saws and sways with Mike’s smoky vocals while layered with keys that emit the emotion of the lyrics. “When the Lights Go Down” starts as a guitar strum singer/songwriter ballad, but later accented with screeching layered strings reminiscent of Explosions in the Sky. I hope to hear from this talented musician in the future.

Mike Drag – Yours and Mine
Mike Drag – Whats Your Name
Mike Drag – Free EP

Mike Drag’s Website
Mike Drag’s Myspace
Thanks for passing on the good music Sara and Jessica.

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio