Desktop: Return to “The City”

One of two great musical items floated into my gmail account today. Here is the tale of the first.
I mentioned a few weeks ago that Detroit duo Desktop would be releasing their follow-up to the addicting self-titled EP in the near future. Today, Zach and Keith made their not so subtle return with the first single, “The City”. Its instantly a weekend-ready dance number filled with slap bass, stuttering synth and pulsing drums. The rest of EP is worth multiple listens as well. Opener “Come Home To Me” may not be as dance-ready as Desktop’s past work, but creeps along with slow jam-style. “Head Games” picks up the pace with syncopated drums, catchy hook and brings back some of the New Order influence of the first EP.

Its pretty brilliant actually how Zach and Keith just easily slide over to Desktop and make artfully crafted electro pop, when so many dedicated others can’t come close to work like this. I don’t know why these guys don’t make a full effort out of it (and make a tour stop in Atlanta).

Desktop – The City ( (or listen to the whole EP at Desktop’s site)
Pick up Desktop – Desktop 2 EP on August 24th anywhere digital music is sold.

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio