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elespee and prospek: 25 years later

You Ain’t Got Shit If You Ain’t Got Soul
I get an insane amount of mash-ups sent my way, but rarely do I ever get post-worthy hip-hop in my inbox. Enter label the guerilla publishing co. One of theif self-descriptions on myspace claims the outfit as “a not for profit production outfit dedicated to providing necessary services to like minded artist; both in the new Orleans area and abroad.”  Emcee elespee and producer prospek caught my hear quickly.

I couldn’t stop listening to the duo’s 2nd release 25 years later in late June. I immediatley loved the jazz influence, the soul samples and the old school vibe.  At times the duo with other guerilla publishing co-horts reminds me if Wu Tang Clan grew up in the Bayou.  Tracks like “You Better Know” drop bars warning evils of riches, while “Mars” will nearly break your neck with boom bap sound NYC would be jealous of. Its probably one of the most honest, unapologetic hip-hop records I’ve heard in a minute. Quite a change from the trash I hear when exiting my car on Atlanta radio.
<a href="">transmission (another redefinition) by the guerilla publishing company</a>

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elespee and prospek – You Better Know ft DJ Scratchmo (Free mp3)

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