What? (500) Days of Weezy

Pretty unnecessary, but also pretty amazing at the same time. I’m not sure where the thought to combine seemingly random Lil’ Wayne bars/wisdom with the artists from (500) Days of Summer soundtrack, but its was a good one. I’m still digesting the mash-up album, (500) Days of Weezy but it starts pretty strong with a Wayne spitting “Mrs. Officer” rhymes over Regina Spektor’s piano-filled “Us”. “Really Bad Kids” makes use of a chopped rendition of “Bad Kids” by ATL’s The Black Lips. Elsewhere, “There Goes The Fear” and “Lollipop Dreams” make better use of Dove and Hall & Oates than you would think. I quickly found out, tts best suited to listen from beginning to end before forming any opinions. The author is pretty mysterious so far with only a Twitter account listed, but I’m sure he’ll get a lot of notice for this one.

Mysickuncle – Fear Forever (Lil Wayne vs Doves) (mp3)
Mysickuncle – Really Bad Kids (Lil Wayne vs The Black Lips) (mp3)
Mysickuncle – Lollipop Dreams (Lil Wayne & Kanye vs Hall & Oates) (mp3)
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