Detroit Happens: new blog from an old friend

Being a former resident of the Mitten, I’m constantly reminded by others about all of the bad news that has happened to Detroit. People rarely mention companies like Quicken Loans moving 700 employees downtown, the growing number of films/tv shows shooting in the D and a potential light rail planned for Woodward Ave. There are plenty of good things to look forward to in the Motor City, but the good stories are almost never reported nationally. So maybe its time for someone to profile all of the positive and supportive with one of the best cities in America? This is where my friend Jen comes in.

You may remember Jen’s enlightening pop culture/new media blog, Talkin’ Bout My Jeneration during her time in Chicago. She has now moved back to her homestate and wanted to start a new blog that could make a difference locally. Enter Detroit Happens. Jen’s way to “give light to the people, events, places, and organizations that make Detroit the strong and exciting city that it truly is.” So far Jen’s posted some amazing photography, profiled the legend-wait for it-dary Eastern Market and bought land in the city (I’ll let her explain). Hopefully, she’ll profile the great music scene going on in the city (see Desktop, Lettercamp, The Cold Wave and Deastro to name a few) as well and introduce me to some new local bands.

Check out Detroit Happens and let Jen know your thoughts on the new blog!

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By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio