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Alan Wilkis/Film School: Heart Full Of Pentagons

This is just what we should come to expect from Alan Wilkis’ remixes. He takes great tracks and puts his own unique spin on them and tests your allegiance to the original. Latest case: Film School‘s “Heart Full Of Pentagons”. A fantastic track in its own right with soaring, emotional lead vocals then layered with stuttering drums and hushed “da, da, da”‘s compliment the nervous, see-saw storyline. AW’s interpretation gets rid of everything except lead singer Greg Berten’s pained vocals and adds slowed synth and almost a slow clap to paint the angst of the lyrics. The vocal distortion just before the chorus wouldn’t seem out of place on Dan Deacon’s last album. Get it below and pass it on.Heart Full of Pentagons (Alan Wilkis Remix) – Film School by Alan Wilkis
Original below

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio