Get After It: Lord Huron’s “Mighty” EP

Probably one of the best new acts I’ve heard all year is Lord Huron. Lord Huron also happened to release one of the best EPs of the year in early November (Their previous EP Into the Sun is no slouch either). The only problem with Lord Huron is the fact that no one seems know much about the act. Much like its sound and artwork choices, the story of Lord Huron seems to be mythological. I was initially interested in hopes that the moniker was related to an affiliation with my home state. Pitchfork confirmed Lord Huron is a solo project by Los Angeles-based (but Michigan native) Ben Schneider. Paste gathered some more info about how Schneider’s worldly travels influenced his music…..and thats it. Hopefully, we’ll find out more and get an ATL or Detroit tour stop soon.

Lord Huron’s sounds on Mighty EP include tropical pop, folk and experimental all in one. Fans of Local Natives, Fleet Foxes, The Very Best and Vampire Weekend will be enamored to say the least. The title track sounds straight out of the Jungle Book with an upbeat African rhythm and lyrics that could easily be relatable to a grown Mogli. “Son of a Gun” warily tells the tale of a love story that isn’t what it seems amid foreboding harmonies that you won’t be able to get enough of. The paranoia stated in “The Stranger” is one that many can relate to: “I can’t trust anyone or anything these days if you are who you say you are then show your face.” However, it doesn’t seem as scary with the tempered layered vocals, what I’m guessing is a ukuele and a change in pace during the last 40 seconds. “When Will I See You Again” brings the EP to a triumphant finish and certainly will have listeners wondering when we’ll hear from Lord Huron next.

Get Lord Huron – Mighty EP here. Probably the best $4 I’ve spent all year.

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio