Eyes Lips Eyes: Simple Economics Video, Christmas song and more!

You may remember indie rockers Eyes Lips Eyes from their catchy slice of pop called “Tickle” (I featured it on my Aug mixtape here). Since then, the LA-based (originally from Provo, Utah) four-piece has been working on a what they call a “No Album” project. Essentially, the band releases one or two tracks each month as they are completed over a year. Pretty cool way of getting fans music at a reasonable rate. One of those tracks, new wavey “Simple Economics” recently spawned a fun music video shot around Los Angeles with a zombie theme. The jangly tempo and Tony Hello’s David Byrne-inspired vocals instantly made me hit replay.
The most recent single is slow-burner “Bear Trap”. Its full of relationship anxiety and slowly builds before a crashing end.
Eyes Lips Eyes – Bear Trap (free mp3)
Pick up all releases from the No Album project here.
They even wrote their own Christmas song. Get “Slept In Through Christmas” below.
Eyes Lips Eyes – Slept In Through Christmas (free mp3)

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio