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2010 Wrap-Up: Top Tracks of the Year #15 – #6

15. The National – Terrible Love
Sometimes, the best songs are the sad ones. Matt Berringer and company crafted an epic jam about a deeply troubled man. “It takes an ocean not to break” could be interpreted a lot of ways, but sounds a lot like alcoholism to me.
14. Tennis – Marathon
Tennis is an indie pop duo that had one of those stories that seems too good to be true. Pretty much all of their leaks from their upcoming album are too. “Marathon” is a fantastic example of retro pop that Camera Obscura would be proud of.
13. El Guincho – Bombay
I have no idea what the hell El Guincho is saying (need to brush up on my Spanish I guess), but this track is infectious. Mix tropical pop with electro and you have “Bombay”.
12. Radio Dept – Heaven’s On Fire
A genius premise for a song. I interpret the lyrics as all about the evils of the music industry, but the beat is about as pop-py as can be. Is it ironic that its also a major sample as part of my favorite mash-up of the year? I never understood irony.
11. Kanye West – Lost In The World ft Justin Vernon of Bon Iver
It only took the words “featuring Bon Iver” to know I was going to love this song. Great sample choice, great tribal rhythms and great rhymes. Bravo Mr. West and Mr. Vernon.
10. Cee Lo – What Part of Forever
I am truly shocked at how this song got swept under the rug, especially after being featured in Eclipse. Cee Lo may have left the swears at home this time, but his soaring vocals are on great display on this tale of confused love.
9. Lord Huron – Son Of A Gun
I’ve already explained my love of Lord Huron and the act’s two recent EP’s. “Son Of A Gun” is one standout of what I expect will be many to come.
Lord Huron – Son Of A Gun
8. Big Boi – Shutterbugg
Big Boi just destroyed one of the most innovative beats of the year courtesy of Scott Storch. DJ’s everywhere should be slapped for not giving it more play, but then again, I guess thats why I don’t listen to radio. I’m pretty sure this beat circulated Laura’s dreams when I got my hands on it in April.
7. LCD Soundsystem – Dance Yrself Clean
Ah, the song that I couldn’t get past on This Is Happening. Definitely has to be top 15 album openers I can think of. Its just too damn good not to listen to multiple times. When that drum and synth kick in at the chorus, it really makes me realize I need to see these guys in concert.
6. Lettercamp – Call It Off
Lettercamp was by far my favorite act to come out of Detroit in 2010. “Call It Off” (free mp3) has indie anthem potential punctuated by Liz Whitman’s inescapable voice and a glittering synth hook that is damn near addictive.