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The Decemberists Hit #1? Nice.

I don’t take a ton of stock in Billboard sales these days, since I assume no one besides me (and a few others) actually buy albums. However, its still pretty great to see some of your favorite bands score #1 in sales for the week. The Decemberists were the latest indie heroes to hit the top with their stab at country rock, The King Is Dead. While Vampire Weekend and Arcade Fire each reach the same feat last year, The Decemberists certainly had less help from TV ad placements, blog buzz, magazine reviews, etc. Some could argue that all three albums were on sale on Amazon for $3.99 on their 1st weeks so sales are skewed, but thats just how the music biz is in 2011. Best Buy was having major sales on albums when Britney, N’Sync, etc all had huge sales back in the late ’90s/early ’00s.
So bravo to The Decemberists on a much deserved victory. Hopefully, they don’t see the gigantic dip in week 2, but unless your Eminem, good luck. Be sure to pick up The Decemberists – The King Is Dead, it is well worth the purchase. Colin Meloy’s story telling and charming voice is highly effective even with the country rock tip. The album stands up surprisingly well against more twang-centric acts like Drive By Truckers and Neko Case (which I both adore).

So did you by The Decemberists latest? If so, was it due to the cheap price on Amazon, the band’s free NPR concert or pure fandom? Talk about it below.

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio