The Grammys: A few notes

The Grammys are still pretty irrelevant, but at least this year was more fun, right? Here are a few quick thoughts on the night:
-The B.o.B./Bruno Mars/Janelle Monae performance was my favorite of the night. All three artists pumped energy into the show and I was pleasantly surprised with Bruno’s throwback act.
-Did you see the dollar signs in Usher, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s eyes during the Bieber/Jaden Smith “performance”?
-Cee-Lo’s rendition of “The Song Otherwise Known As Forget You” wasn’t my favorite, but it was hilarious. Also remined me that The Muppet Show will always be one of my favorite shows of all time.
-Not sure why Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” had to hog all the awards (Song of the Year and Record of the Year, really?), but it has been stuck in my head since then.
-Seemed like the Best New Artist vote cancelled each other out.
-The Black Keys wins seemed pretty justified to me. Brothers was a solid album that would probably rank much higher on my year end album list if it were reworked today.
-Ted Williams should have subbed for Bob Dylan. Actually, anyone could have subbed for Bob Dylan. He sounded worse than a garbage disposal.
-I need more Avett Brothers music in my life.
-I was glad to see the Roots take home a few awards, but it should have been for How I Got Over, not that weak John Legend cover album. Also, when are the Roots gonna be allowed to play the show? Shoulda been this year.
-Boo on “Shutterbugg” being shunned in the Best Rap Performance By A Duo award. Swizz Beatz’s ad libs were not worthy.
-“Month of May” almost gave me a seizure, but the Arcade Fire “Album of the Year” win was great and much deserved. It also spawned one of the best Tumblrs I’ve encountered in “Who Is Arcade Fire??!!?” and a surprising tweet from ‘Ye. I assume “Ready to Start” was planned as the show ender because I can’t imagine The Grammy’s being that improvisational, but either way a great ending.
-The top Grammy of the night for Arcade Fire? Mumford & Sons/Avett Brothers duet with Bob Dylan? What does it all mean for indie music? Without going into a whole discussion of what “indie music” is (who really knows anymore), Sunday night doesn’t really mean anything. Those two bands aren’t really “indie” anymore anyways, but good for them. Until you see blog bands immediately jump from Steregum to the Grammy stage, I don’t think its relavent.

Thoughts on this year’s Grammys? Did you watch? Did Lady Gaga’s Batman-like outfit make you want to vom?

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio