U.S. Royalty: Equestrian and Mirrors album

I’ve haven’t been able to stop listening to U.S. Royalty‘s first single “Equestrian”. The sing-along ready wistful track is right in line with my favorite band of the moment, Local Natives. “Equestrian” features harmonizing, thumping drum and guitar, ooohhh/anthemic moments and lyrics about nature I don’t really understand (see Local Natives’ “Sun Hands”). Pretty much a given that I’d become a fan. Little did I know they just released their full length album, Mirrors. Its pretty stunning and well worth your purchase. I’ll agree with Mixtape Maestro, “Monte Carlo” definitely has Fleetwood Mac inspiration all over it. Preview U.S. Royaltly’s Mirrors free below.
U.S. Royalty – Equestrian (free .mp3)

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio