St. Lucia – The Old House Is Gone

Heavy Roc Music has been on a roll as of late. The Knocks‘ continue to churn out quality remixes/covers, Samuel built a strong base of buzz last year and Alex Winston blew up like I thought she would (to paraphrase Biggie). With those acts working on major label efforts, the other Roc has opted to promote a new act, St. Lucia.

There isn’t much known about St. Lucia yet, but the press release says the music was “inspired by his homeland of South Africa, his journey through the UK and relocation to Brooklyn” which doesn’t sound far off. The first track “The Old House Is Gone” will aptly assist you in crafting your Summer playlist. The frenetic paced jam is full of new wave guitar and electro-pop synth that could easily soundtrack your next catamaran adventure. Certainly for fans of Cut Copy, Empire of the Sun, Strange Talk and Holy Ghost!.

St. Lucia – The Old House Is Gone (free .mp3)

On a separate note, I think we’ve pretty much ruled out St. Lucia for our October honeymoon due to travel time and hurricane season. If you have any suggestions, leave it in the comments. Seriously.

Speaking of Heavy Roc, you can now get The Knocks’ Same Old Songs cover EP for free and/or stream below:
The Knocks Same Old Songs EP The Same Old Songs EP by The Knocks

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio