FREE MP3: Release the Sunbird: Always Like The Son

I’ll support anything Zach Rogue is a part of, even a solo project. After building up a stable of hits (“Eyes”, “Lake Michigan” to name a few) with main band Rogue Wave, Zach ventured to the Midwest (Bloomington, IN to be exact) to try something new. Out of those sessions came Release the Sunbird and Come Back To Us an album due on July 26th . Initial offerings like “No Light” don’t sound vastly different from Rogue Wave works lyrically, but offer an effective yet toned down approach. The acoustic guitar, light percussion backing and Rogue’s harmonious vocals aren’t to be missed.

Release the Sunbird – No Light (stream) via KCRW
Release the Sunbird – Always Like The Son (free .mp3) via Spinner
Stream Release the Sunbird – Its Always Around Us at KCRW
1. It’s All Around You
2. Come Back To Us
3. Always Like The Son
4. No Light
5. Why Can’t You Look At Yourself
6. Best Thing For Me
7. A New You
8. Back Strikes Back
9. Paper Alliesv 10. Running Away From Me
11. Everytime You Go
12. We’ll Begin Tomorrow
13. Outlook’s Anonymous

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio