MASH-UP: The Abrahammer – How Dubstep Music Destroyed My Life album, DJ Fergie Ferg & The White Panda

DISCLAIMER: This post has nothing to do with dubstep.

I’ve been avoiding mash-ups lately, due to a) the insane amount of original music out this summer and b) the lack of anything worth sharing.
Now comes new act The Abrahammer with a solid mash-up album that will easily reinvigorate your waning interest in the genre. He was even recently featured on genius site Mash-Up Breakdown for those interested in second by second sample breakdowns of How Dubstep Music Destroyed My Life.

The two standouts so far are “I’m Still On The Cake” and “Hold the Right to Spin”. Those two tracks make up a worldwind of samples in 9 minutes but the combinations of “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” with “Such Great Heights” and later “Mrs Officer” with “Whats My Age Again” are particularly memorable.

How Dubstep Music Destroyed My Life by The Abrahammer

My only complaint is the use of cartoon themes (pretty sure I heard Inspector Gadget in there). A few other producers have sent music my way with those and its a good chance I’ll hit delete instantly. I’m glad I stuck around for this one.

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By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio