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FREE EP: Kyle Lucas – Purple Cloud Thoughts EP

Fresh off the release of the dope Captain Midnite EP and while Vonnegutt continues working their debut album, Kyle Lucas hasn’t been sitting idly. The lead emcee of Vonnegutt returns with the recently released free EP Purple Cloud Thoughts. With a little help from STS and Simon Illa, Kyle offers a slick compilation of previously released tracks/freestyles (“New New New”, “Picking Up The Pieces”) and five new joints. “Cut Me Down” shines dismissing haters with a stuttering drum and Adele sample, while “Keep Trucking” and “In Between Us” (with a great sample choice in Scarface’s track) displays Kyle’s continued desire to succeed. A welcome surprise of new music well worth the price of admission.

Kyle Lucas – Purple Cloud Thoughts (Free EP)
1. Purple Cloud Thoughts
2. Cut Me Down
3. Picking Up The Pieces ft STS (samples Pierce The Vail)
4. New New New (freestyle, samples KiD CuDi)
5. In Between Us ft STS (samples Scarface)
6. Break The Chains (samples Oh Land)
7. Keep Trucking

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio