Festivalist ’12: Hangout Fest Preview – Archnemesis Interview

I would be lying if I said I knew Archnemesis‘ music before I saw the Hangout Music Festival line-up. However, I became a quick fan after listening to their first full album, People’s Radio. The duo’s debut is filled with electronic tracks that balance hip-hop, jazz and soul influences (and samples) along the way. Oh and its available for free download here.

I was lucky enough to interview Curt from Archnemesis as part of a preview for this week’s Hangout Music Fest. Here is an exerpt:

Electronic music is bigger than it has been the past two years at Hangout. There has always been an EDM element, but I feel like electronic music has exploded at festivals across the country. What do you think that can be attributed to?
Skrillex? (laughs) Winning 3 Grammy’s is huge for the EDM scene. Bassnectar is another who has done a really good job of creating community and building a scene over time. I feel like even more mainstream stuff too has hints of electronic music in it. Even in Britney Spears songs you hear some of the same sounds that we’re using and Derek is using or Skrillex is using. Rusko helped produced that song with Britney Spears. In a lot of popular music, the people overseeing that are smart enough to see whats going on. Even creating pop songs with electronic elements in it. If anything, I would say its the last form of music that hadn’t really become mainstream and exploded the way that rock, country, pop and metal and all these genres that have had their phases in time. Over the course of musical history, I feel like the electronic scene hasn’t really achieved the level of notoriety of all these other genres have. I just think its time.

Read the entire Archnemesis interview on Atlanta Music Guide and look out for more coverage of the festival next weekend. Be sure to see their set at 11:30 on Sat. on the XBox Stage.

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio