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Festivalist ’12: Hangout Fest Preview – Dispatch Interview

So, yeah. Somehow, I was allowed to interview Chad from Dispatch and he was real cool to talk to and I appreciate the time he took. These guys are going to kill it on Saturday at the Hangout Main Stage at 5:15. Here is a excerpt of our discussion:

Circles Around The Sun is the new album and comes out later this Summer? What can fans expect on the album?
It’s not far off from the EP in sense and sound. Both the EP and album were produced by Peter Katis, who worked with Interpol and the National, in Bridgeport, CT. It has a few hallmarks in its sound, but it has one song thats hip-hop, some Americana and folk, but not much reggae or ska like we had done in the past. The timing just wasn’t there for those types of songs. The album has more banjo…it was fun to be in the studio. Like you said, the its been so long before the EP and this album so we’re kind of catching up on our studio time.

Head to Atlanta Music Guide for the full interview with Chad from Dispatch

This will be it for the interviews prior to the festival. I’m hoping to do a couple on site interviews and a recap after the festival. I’m pretty sure when I applied to write for AMG, I never thought I would have these opportunities, but know that I greatly appreciate all of them. Be sure to follow AMG on Twitter for all the action.

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