New Ladies of Heavy Roc: Vera Flash & Alison Valentine

With all the success achieved via Alex Winston, it only makes sense that Heavy Roc would round out their line-up with a few more talented ladies. Meet Vera Flash & Alison Valentine:
As a self-described “electronic pop godess”, Vera Flash is setting lofty goals in a time when synth pop divas seem to be everywhere. Luckily, electro tunes don’t seem to be Flash’s only strength. Debut single “Hustle” lets Flash half sing/half rap along with a slinking guitar, blips, beeps and thumping drums. If her electro pop is anything close to this good, I can’t wait to hear it. Stream below and DL for free at Vera’s Facebook.
Despite my allergies, I’m willing to put my stamp of approval on Alison Valentine‘s debut single “Peanut Butter”. Valentine’s classical music training seems to have done her well as the breezy cut displays her expert key work and heavenly vocals with a dose of distortion. Look for her EP Swimming Pool Sounds later this summer. Stream “Peanut Butter” below and hit the button for a free DL.

What do you think of Heavy Roc‘s latest finds?

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio