STREAM: Smoke & Jackal – No Tell

Not every collaboration between successful musicians needs to be considered a mind-melting supergroup (just ask .fun). Latest case of two dudes with too much talent to let sit idly by: Smoke & Jackal.

Jared Followill, bassist of mega-band Kings of Leon, and Nick Brown, MONA frontman, just released their first single “No Tell” as Smoke & Jackal. While the duo’s moniker instantly conjures names of racers in a sequel to “Talladega Nights”, the debut track isn’t nearly as comedic. The apprehensive love anthem bubbles with a swelling bass-line and hints of keys as Brown plays narrator. Kinda sounds like a KoL joint, but I’ve listened to it 6x in a row. Thats a good sign, right?

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By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio