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Daughter – Smother & Run

31rudljq7BL._SL500_AA280_Why do I love end of the year/best of lists? So I can see how much great music I listened to in 12 months and still miss more great music. Case in point, North London’s Daughter (via Jonk Music).

Daughter has been selling out venues left and right overseas and is sure to make a splash in the States. The trio’s recent single “Smother” woos with chilling vocals and bubbling choral backing perfect for the chill of January. The most amazing part of this single, is that the b-side is almost as great as the a-side. “Run” completes the dual threat single with acoustic balladry and the subtle boom of percussion while the narrator outlines chasing love. Stream both below:

Daughter – Smother

Daughter – Run

Pick up both Daughter songs via Amazon:

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