Detroit Editorial

Dear Detroit…

Ren Cen
Dear Detroit,
My my my how you’ve changed since I’ve been away. When I left jobs were scarce, people were fleeing the city (and state) and the big autos were taking govt bailouts. I didn’t know how long I’d be in Atlanta, but suffice to say ATL has made me appreciate what cities have to offer. Considering all of the positive momentum I’ve been reading about in Detroit News, Curbed, Model D and other sources, I feel like I’m moving back at the right time. Sure City Council still sounds like a bunch of scum bags (I’m gonna need someone to explain to me why you didn’t want the State to lease Belle Isle…), you’re is financially a mess, but you have a lot of assets and private stakeholders that won’t let you fail.

Growing up more than an hour from Detroit didn’t get me nearly enough city-time, but I plan on changing that this go-round. Detroit Bus Company bar tours, Tigers’ games, Dequindre Cut, shows at St. Andrew’s, the Shelter, Fillmore, Majestic complex, Eastern Market, Slow’s BBQ, Green Dot Stables and visits to a slew of other places I don’t even know exist yet. That’s not evening counting Metro Detroit (returning to Crofoot, Royal Oak Music Theatre, DTE and the Palace). While Michigan may be my home-state, I feel like moving back to Metro Detroit (or maybe the city, TBD) is like moving to a new city with a lot to look forward to.

See you soon.

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio