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Hoodie Allen – Crew Cuts Mixtape

crew_cuts_cover_finalYou have to admire Hoodie Allen‘s work ethic. After debuting in the Billboard top 10 with All American, many artists would stock-pile new music for their next release. Instead, Hoodie offers up an entire album’s worth of tracks for free and most of these tracks are commercial release ready.

The slick wordplay, pop-aimed hooks and rapid-fire rhymes are in full effect with comical lines referencing everything from Homeland to Katniss to Stan Van Gundy. Hoodie also stepped out of his comfort zone and worked with producers like !llmind, Jared Evan, RJF and Sap. My current favorites are the double entendre-filled “Two Lips” and College Dropout era Kanye influence of “Reunion”, but I’d argue Crew Cuts might be even better than All American.

Download Crew Cuts at Hoodie Allen’s site for FREE and stream below. Look out for Hoodie Allen on tour this spring (ATL on 4/7 at The Loft).

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio