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The Melker Project: They Hustlin’ To America + 7/18 show at The Crofoot + FunKontrol

artworks-000051906383-rmxw00-t500x500To say The Melker Project has been busy these last 12 months, is quite the understatement. Melker finished off 2012 with a still replay-able Best of 2012 mixtape, crafted an excellent Fleetwood Mac meets hip-hop EP, Skeetwood Mac in February and still blesses Soundcloud with mash-ups nearly every 2 weeks.

Clearly the Melker Project is trying to close out the latter half of 2013 with even more momentum as he sets off on a tour of the US with the one and only Ying Yang Twinz. The Keep Calm and Twerk tour even has a MI stop at The Crofoot (tickets here) and mixtape to get you ready.

With as many samples as Melker and many remixers handle, Soundcloud take-downs can be a hassle. To combat this, Melker started his own label exclusively for remixed content,called FunKontrol. FunKontrol utilizes Legitmix, a platform that allows DJs, Producers and Remixers to legally sell sampled content without clearance. FunKontrol does not actually sell their remixes, but rather “Legitmix files,” which work like digital instructions fans can use to recreate the remixes using their own copies of the tracks the artists sample – with just a few mouse clicks. If fans are missing any of the tracks sampled, Legitmix makes it easy to buy them from iTunes – getting the sampled artists credited and paid as well. To get an idea of the acts behind such an endeavor, FunKontrol put together and excellent 4th of July mixtape for your next Summer event (stream below).

The Melker Project – They Hustin’ To America (ft Rick Ross & Neil Diamond)

FunKontrol – July 4th Summer Release