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Cut Copy – Let Me Show You

artworks-000054073402-0usakn-t500x500I’ve blasted Cut Copy‘s Zonoscope so often that it hardly seems like it came out over 2 years ago. Either way, I’m shocked we are already getting new jams from the Melbourne band. Cut Copy’s clever strategy to release 120 copies of new wave cut “Let Me Show You” at P4k Fest in Chicago quickly built buzz as a fan uploaded a video as the first “unofficial” stream. The pulsing track brews with constant synth as Dan Whitford’s passioned vocals hypnotize before a party-ready climax (complete with chants of “GO GO GO GO”). Sort of reminds me of Yeasayer’s last album if they would have let songs breathe longer. Stream “Let Me Show You” below.

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By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio