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JayeL Audio 3.0

Jayel Audio Green Fade (1)As you may have noticed, JayeL Audio finally received a few necessary updates. I’m still working out a few kinks (background image, drop down menu buttons, header, etc.), but here is a quick rundown of the changes:
-Blog-friendly layout: Hopefully will shorten load times, get rid of that ugly dual post image I was dealing with, better list capability, more posts on the front page, etc.
-Speaking of the new theme Ducos, it was made by Dannci. Head to ThemeForest to see/buy his other great themes.
-“Listen to Website Radio” button: Allows you to stream every song I post via Thanks to Jen. T. for utilizing your mad coding skills.
-Updated blogroll: Be sure to check out all the sites that help me help you.
-Drop-down menus: Easy access to your favorite sections like Remix Friday, Mixtapes and more
-Easier reading: Darker text with a lighter background plus an option to read more with “page” buttons at the bottom of your screen
-Commenting by Disqus: This has already been around for most of 2013, but makes it easier for me to keep track of comments and weed out spam.

Take a listen to The Lone Bellow majestically cover “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by the Rolling Stones cover (via the Short Listen), and let me know your thoughts on the new look. Any bugs you find, comments, criticism and suggestions would be massively helpful in making JayeL Audio a great site for all of us.

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio