2013 Alt Country Dance Electronic Indie Indie Pop Lists

2013 Wrap-Up: Top Tracks #30-21

Lollapalooza, Chicago, August 2013

We’ve cracked the twenties folks. More great 2013 tracks are below.

#30 Alabama Shakes-Always Alright (Amazon)
2013 was essentially a victory lap year for Brittany Howard and Alabama Shakes. Technically, “Always Alright” was released in 2012 off the Silver Linings Playbook soundtrack, but didn’t really blow up until Oscar season 2013. Go ‘head Brittany.

#29 Daft Punk-Doin’ It Right ft Panda Bear (Amazon)
I’m not quite sure where a Panda Bear got crossed with two disco-loving robots, but I’m in full support if the results are “Doin’ It Right”. The sparse beat mixed with robotic vocals and pulsing percussion worked to near perfection with Noah Lennox at the forefront.

#28 BANKS-This Is What It Feels Like (Amazon)
Majestic. Haunting. Sensual. How could LA-based newcomer BANKS achieve all of those terms at once? By sounding like a combination of Florence, Purity Ring and The Weeknd all at once.

#27 Disclosure-White Noise ft AlunaGeorge (Amazon)
One of 2013’s best male/female synth pop duo’s got together with the best dance music duo of the past few years. How did you think “White Noise” would turn out?

#26 Frightened Rabbit-The Woodpile (Amazon)
Love has been compared to fire in many ways, but when Scott Hutchinson of Frightened Rabbit bellowed “A lit torch to the woodpile, aye”, the metaphor just trumped all previous utterings. Besides, everything sounds more passionate and earnest with a Scottish accent. The burst of screeching guitar at the 2:30 mark is pretty damn excellent too.

#25 The Lone Bellow-Teach Me To Know (Amazon)
If you are lucky enough to see The Lone Bellow live, you’ll see the euphoric celebration that occurs with each performance of “Teach Me To Know”. The gospel/alt country ode to patience had me “carried away” many times in 2013.

#24 The Preatures-Is This How You Feel? (Amazon)
The spirited groove of “Is This How You Feel?” is the closest personification I’ve heard to the nervous/fun/scary emotions of a new love. The retro fun should help you on your next date.

#23 The Dream-Too Early ft Gary Clark Jr. (Amazon)
I’m sold on The Dream super-producer/songwriter, but I haven’t always favored his solo material. Much of IV Play changed that feeling for the better, but “Too Early” was nearly an addiction. The semi-comical tale perfectly paired The Dream’s frustrated crooning with Gary Clark Jr’s trademark blues guitar licks for a duo I’d support collaborating in the future.

#22 Sky Ferreira-You’re Not The One (Amazon)
The new wave blast of synth that opens “You’re Not The One” merely sets the tone for Sky Ferreira’s freeing realization that her ex truly isn’t “the one”. How this isn’t the break-up anthem of 2013 is unbelievable to me.

#21 Thundercat-Oh Sheit Its X (Amazon)
I might not have even discovered Thundercat if it weren’t for Flying Lotus’ incessant mentions on Twitter. The multi-instrumentalist with soulful vocals blew me away with this infectious, funk-filled number.