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The Night VI – Thinkin Bout You (Frank Ocean cover)

THINKIN BOUT YOU FRANK OCEAN COVER BY THE NIGHT VI ARTWORKCovers can be a tricky proposition. One could argue if a singer has done a justice to their own hit, why should anyone need to try to recreate it? I happen to be in the camp that a truly great song can actually live on if capable parties put their own spin on it.

Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You” has been covered plenty of times, but it is such a relatable tale of love that it is not a surprise people have felt compelled to sing it. Sextet The Night VI are the latest to tackle the cut, but managed to make it their own with hazy guitars and Sophie-Rose Harper’s pained vocals. Band member Jack Gourlay said:

“Sophie and The Night VI girls had been obsessed with this album for months but it wasn’t until we starting dissecting this song that I realized how incredible it is. When it came to producing it I just tried to imagine it was an idea of our own and write parts and arrange in the way we normally would. The luscious female vocal definitely gives this version a really different feel to the original & musically the middle section I can’t imagine Frank doing but it was all a lot of fun.”

I’d have to agree. Stream “Thinkin Bout You” below, not to be confused with past release “Thinking Of You”.

BONUS: Thinking Of You

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