New Wave

Jaded Inc – Coconut Sofa

avatars-000068727003-cvwu4r-t500x500The name of their lead single, “Coconut Sofa”, sounds like it was spit out of a random song name generator, but Jaded Inc couldn’t be further from random. The collaboration between Mayer Hawthorne and producer 14KT stems from their days in the Ann Arbor hip-hop act Athletic Mic League. From this partnership came “Coconut Sofa”, a smooth and addicting piece of new wave and ghettotech-inspired (beat wave?) that shines with Hawthorne’s bold vocals and sinister synth courtesy of 14KT. Sorta reminds me of a less demented “Got It Twisted” by Mobb Deep (sampling “She Blinded Me With Science”, of course). Stream “Coconut Sofa” below and look out for more from Jaded Inc soon. #beatwave

Look for Jaded Inc’s debut album The Big Knock on 6/17 and pre-order via iTunes and Amazon.

BONUS: SkyZoo – The Ellis Wilson Painting On The Wall ft Mayer Hawthorne (prod. by 14KT)

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio