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Q&A + SHOW PREVIEW: Terraplane Sun w/Little Daylight at The Shelter 4/7/14

10155777_10152329123500149_766951401_nUp and coming Venice Beach act Terraplane Sun have been hard at work since the release of their 2011 album, Coyote. Their sound on last year’s promising EP (download Ya Never Know at iTunes)  floated between indie rock and blues with a hint of Cage The Elephant, Grouplove and Foster the People. Since then, the five-piece set has been touring as much as possible and are finishing up their upcoming sophomore album.

Lead vocalist Ben Rothbard (guitar/harmonica) took a moment to answer a few questions about touring history, Motor City musical influences and more while out on the road. Catch Terraplanes Suns on tour with Flagship and Little Daylight at The Shelter on April 7th (tickets)!

JayeL Audio: You recently released a new EP, Ya Never Know, what has the feedback been like on the new music so far?
Ben Rothbard: The feedback has been really solid. It seems to hook people pretty good if they give it a chance.

JA: The title track and “Get Me Golden” have elements of blues, indie and Southern rock, how do you describe your sound?
BR: I mean, we’re definitely a blues driven band, but with a strong pop sensibility. We’re such fans of so many different types of music, that multiple elements are going to shine through. We try to bottle it all up and produce something fresh, yet timeless.

JA: You’ve toured with bands like Imagine Dragons and The Mowgli’s recently. What did you learn from them about life on the road?
BR: We toured with The Mowglis a couple of years ago, before things started moving for them or us, so it was just an all out grind playing to very few people a night. It was evident that they were a force to be reckoned with and pushed us every night to meet their level. We’ve played with The Dragons in small clubs, theaters and 10 thousand person Amphitheaters. It’s been a trip to see their growth and the way they’ve adapted to their growing success. They are as professional as it gets and understand how fortunate they are to have broken is such dramatic fashion. They have remained incredibly humble.

JA: Since you’ll be rolling through the Motor City on April 7th, are there any Detroit acts that influenced your sound?
BR: I think I can speak for everyone when I throw out an emphatic yes to this question. We are heavily influenced by Motown, as well as MC5, The Stooges and White Stripes. Cecil and Lyle I’m sure could go deeper into the Detroit music scene, but they’re driving right now.

JA: What are your goals for Terraplane Sun in 2014?
BR: Just to have our music exposed to as many people as possible. Whatever comes out of that, so be it, but we at least want our shot on that level.

Generation Blues – live

Ya Never Know

Get Golden


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