Jack Garratt – Worry

artworks-000081300696-fizwf7-t500x500“Pick apart the pieces you left and don’t you worry ’bout it, don’t you worry ’bout it”

Jack Garratt was one of the better singers to hit my inbox this year and I think we’ll all be happy to know he just announced his debut EP, Remnants is coming July 14th. While I loved the haunting nature of “I Couldn’t Want You Anyway”, new single “Worry” is a proper summer anthem perfect for the season. Garratt’s sauntering vocals weave amid bubbly guitar string plucks and bursts of samples that are both precise and relaxing. Listen to “Worry” for yourself and look for Remnants on July 14th (pre-order).

BONUS: Water

UK Tour Dates
14th June – Bushstock
5th July – Barn On The Farm
11th July – Leefest
16th July – Headline Show – The Waiting Room
20th July – Somersault Festival
26th July – Secret Garden Party
30th August – In The Woods

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