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ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Bad Suns – Language & Perspective

artworks-000082302976-x5zrgr-t500x500I’ve been neglectful of my Album Of The Week feature of late, but with the amount of hits Bad Suns crafted for their debut album, they easily won the honor.

Swaying anthems with infectious hooks are Bad Suns’ game and Language & Perspective makes them look like experts. Early gems like “Cardiac Arrest” and “We Move Like The Ocean” were just appetizers for the full platter of ear-worms on the album. “Dancing on Quicksand” and “Rearview” are¬†immediate favorites with sunny backdrops that almost sound like a Bastille meets Walk The Moon combination. Previous instant-replay hit “Salt” shines with punctuated percussion and guitar riffs as the lyrics slyly brush off memories before admitting the emotional pain. Frontman Christo Bowman’s voice is instantly likable and memorable as a peppier, overseas lead singer comparable to The Killers’ Brandon Flowers. However, Bowman diversifies his vocals with varied delivery and inflection on cuts like “Matthew James” and “Transpose”. The title of the album is apt as the band clearly has a way with coming up the right words with a typically bright disposition, no matter the emotional toll. The only question I have is who was perspective enough to decide what their next hit single will be? All are contenders.

Stream Language & Perspective below a week early and purchase the album on iTunes or direct from the band. Be sure to catch Bad Suns at Mo Pop Festival in Sterling Heights on 7/12 (tickets).

Language & Perspective

Dancing On Quicksand

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By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio