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LIVE REVIEW: Lake Street Dive at Magic Bag – Ferndale, MI – 7/2/13


Musicians often exceed their recorded self’s in person, but revelers at the Magic Bag witnessed a young band transform into soon-to-be touring stars on Wednesday evening. Lake Street Dive commanded the cozy Ferndale stage in front of a sold out crowd with instrumental precision and likability of a band on the rise. The warm room was packed from wall to wall as fans sang, danced and clapped for nearly every note the Brooklyn act played.

The set heavily focused on Lake Street Dive’s third and strongest album, Bad Self Portraits and displayed their ability to combine Motown, soul, ’60s pop, blues and jazz throughout the night. Rachael Price and company played loose and showed personality brushing off nearly unnoticeable string issues on guitar and bass. “Stop Your Crying” was the perfect opener with soaring harmonies and easy sing-along potential, while other hits like “What About Me” and “Rabid Animal” provided ample opportunity to stomp and clap. Recent release “Wedding Band” couldn’t have lasted more than three minutes, but had the intimate crowd laughing and swaying in rhythm.

Each member of the band proved how strong they contributed to the four-piece’s work with songs written and sung by all musicians. Guitarist Mike Olson diversified his sound with various guitars and welcome trumpet solos, while drummer Mike Calabrese harmonized in addition to drum duties. The two songs about a mysterious “Bobby”, “Spectacular Failure” and “Bobby Tanqueray” were both well received, but the latter was a raucous affair and featured spectacular solo from upright bass expert Bridget Kearney. Lead vocalist Rachael Price’s showed why her voice deserves the praise it often gets and could have likely sang her parts sans a microphone. Early on, “Bad Self Portraits” featured an enchanting solo from Price that reverberated throughout the room with near universal approval.

When Lake Street Dive finally unleashed standout “Seventeen” near the end of the night, attendees were already enamored with every move Price and band-mates made. The stop and go tempo of the versatile track pushed fans admiration even further as the band expertly combined driving guitar rhythms, potent bass, escalating percussion and heavenly vocals. The magical moment felt like a coronation for a band that likely will be commanding much larger stages in the future.

Check out more photos from the show below and purchase Bad Self Portraits on bandcamp.

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio