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Remix Friday 7/11/14 ft Allure, Rainer + Grimm, Cyril Hahn, Emynd & more

photo (11) Lake Huron, Caseville, MI. July 2014

This week was a short one for me, but that still meant there were a slew of new remixes to catch up on. Rainer + Grimm made sure to quickly put their touch on Golden Coast’s summertime hit, while Giraffage tackled Porter Robinson’s “Lionhearted” and Funk LeBlanc made me break my rule of “no more “Jealous” remixes”. Cyril Hahn had my top discovery from The Magician’s latest Magic Tap by reworking Jesse Ware’s latest single and Louis Futon redid “We Dem Boyz” so perfectly that Wiz himself co-signed. I’m not sure if Baltimore’s Emynd classified his original production + Isaac Hayes x Geto Boys track “Emynd’s Playing Tricks On Me” as a mash-up or a remix, but it will get your party going either way.

Throwback remix (from the not so distant past) of the week comes once again from Dave Wrangler, as he expertly paired Lil Troy and The Notorious B.I.G. for a nostalgic mash-up. Favorite of the week comes from Allure, as I once again fell in love with a downtempo Janet Jackson remix. What can I say? Ms. Jackson appears to be tailor made for these types of tracks and Allure makes her sound more comfortable than ever.

As always, stream individual tracks below and a full playlist (+ The Melker Project‘s latest) at Soundcloud. Let me know your favorites in the comments! #TGIF

Janet Jackson – Can’t Be Good (Allure remix) via EarMilk

Golden Coast – Break My Fall (Rainer + Grimm remix)

Charlie XCX – Boom Clap (ASTR remix)

Wiz Khalifa – We Dem Boyz (Louis Futon remix)

Jessie Ware – Tough Love (Cyril Hahn remix)

Porter Robinson – Lionhearted (Giraffage remix)

U2 – Ordinary Love (Pretty Pink remix)

Chromeo – Jealous (Funk LeBlanc remix)

Beyonce – Blow (Monsieur Adi remix)

Emynd – Emynd’s Playing Tricks On Me (Geto Boys x Isaac Hayes)

THROWBACK REMIX: Lil Troy vs. The Notorious B.I.G. – Wanna Be A Big Poppa (Dave Wrangler remix)