Vaults – Lifespan & Premonitions

artworks-000077443992-9su493-t500x500As I’ve mentioned before, Soundcloud isn’t touted for their musical discovery as often as they are for playlist and embed capabilities. However, their “recommended” feature is the exact reason I came upon the chilling sounds of Vaults. After strolling through BANKS’ recent haunting addictions, it was easy to get caught up in recent synthpop single “Premonitions”. The dark tones and bare-bones production builds to an string-filled apex and benefits from the lead singer’s spectral vocals. New track “Lifespan” burns similarly, but with more drama and choral bells reminiscent of Purity Ring.

Stream “Lifespan” (plus music video) and “Premonitions” below and purchase at iTunes.



By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio