artworks-000088687055-vrn332-t500x500 San Francisco’s CATHEDRALS (aka Brodie Jenkins and Johnny Hwin) may have crafted their most ambitious and perfect song yet. While Jenkins and Hwin have been ear-pleasing on previous cuts (see “Harlem” and “Want My Love“), the duo’s vocals intertwine with harmonic excellence on new single “OOO AAA”. The song title may not be mind blowing, but the hook will surely reverberate through your head all day. Musically, the expansive song enthralls with layers of stuttering percussion and vocals along with hazy synth and twilight guitar riffs that match the lovestruck emotion of the narrative.

Stream “OOO AAA” below and look for CATHEDRALS’ self-titled EP out September 8 via Neon Gold.

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio