WATERS – I Feel Everything

avatars-000070057974-bskxc8-t500x500San Francisco five piece WATERS is hoping to bring alternative rock back to its roots. Singer Van Pierszalowski noticed there was something missing from alt rock radio and crafted new single “I Feel Everything” based on that sentiment. He stated:

“Where are those dirty guitars? Where is that frenetic energy? Where are the songs that made us want to start a band in the first place? Most days don’t feel like they’re going to be the best days of your life. Most days are kind of fucked up. And it’s nice to have a sanctuary for those days, and for us—that’s always been rock and roll.”

“I Feel Everything” certainly succeeds in ’90s alternative rock fashion. The song thrashes with fuzzy guitar riffs and thumping percussion, but still bursts with harmonies that are tailor made for blasting out your dorm window. The track comes from the band’s forthcoming EP, It All Might Be OK on Vagrant Records (out on 10/14). The EP had production from Ryan Rabin, which explains the Grouplove and Cage the Elephant vibe I heard on my first listen.

Stream “I Feel Everything” below and pre-order the EP now! Catch WATERS on tour with other rising acts Magic Man and Smallpools this fall. Detroiters – see WATERS at St. Andrews Hall on October 22nd (tickets).

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